Who is Scott Sonnon?

Mr. Scott Sonnon designed Tacfit Commando, considered by some fitness enthusiasts as one of the the best programs that involves body weight exercises.

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He pioneered the use of innovative and unconventional Body Weight Exercises that resemble break dancing. He also incorporated tactical applications and high-intensity exercises that help in fat loss while improving coordination, speed, mobility, and strength at the same time. Scott Sonnon uses Tacfit Commandoin training secret service agents, fire fighters, special operative personnel, and soldiers.

In Tacfit Commando, Scott Sonnon ensured that people can train using the program anytime, anywhere, since no special equipment is needed. For him, training may be done in a room inside the house, or even in the backyard. Scott Sonnon also introduces “neurological sophistication,” which states that a person undergoing the program should start with a simple movement, and can only progress to a more difficult level if his or her nervous system is ready for it.

Where did Scott Sonnon get his ideas?

Scott Sonnon brought his knowledge to the United Stated after gaining it during his stay in the Soviet Union for six years to determine what was missing in exercise programs he observed in the United States. He studied martial arts and Eastern sport science in Russia. Scott Sonnon also developed his ideas during his training and career as a fighter. His training with various groups, including cosmonauts, Special Forces, and Spetsnaz, enhanced his knowledge on martial arts, exercise, and fitness.


What else did he contribute to the world of fitness?

Scott Sonnon introduced the use of clubbells in strength training, which later became a sport. In 2003, he was able to get a patent and was recognized worldwide for this. In fact, the use of clubbells is now one of the components in the Circular Strength Training program, which he also created. He is also the founder of RMAX International, and an author of various fitness books, most of which are on Circular Strength Training.

Scott Sonnon also designed other components of the Tacfit system. This includes Tacfit Kettlebell Spetsnaz, which entails Kettlebell Workout Routines that can stand alone as an exercise program or can be intergrated with Tacfit Commando as an adjunct.

Scott Sonnon is highly recognized worldwide as a Sambo trainer. He also served as fitness coach to various groups such as the US Martial Arts Team (during the 2010 World Martial Arts Games), the National Strength Conditioning Association, the National Active Aging Council, and the International Youth Conditioning Association. Scott Sonnon also served as trainer for the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and as an instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


These contributions made Scott Sonnon one of the most influential martial artists and fitness advocates in this century. He is also inducted to the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame, the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame, and the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

What are the other highlights of his career?

Mr. Sonnonis also a champion fighter, even before he ventured into fitness. He won the gold medal in grappling, sport jiujitsu, and mixed martial arts in the World Martial Arts Games in 2010. He was also the 2005 International Sanshou Champion. The American Amateur Sambo Federation awarded Scott Sonnon Master of Sports in Sambo in 1999.

Scott Sonnon & Tacfit Commando